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    Goals and Objectives

    Goals and Objectives

    The Overal goal of Visionary Empowerment Programme (V.E.P) is to improve the likelihood and quality of life of the rural households in Kenya through the exploitation of market and non market benefits of domestic biogas.

    To provide products, services and skills that empowers our community socially and financially for sustainable development.

    The main objective of V.E.P under this partnership is to develop and disseminate domestic biogas in rural Kenya through construction of 600 domestic biogas digester year 2012.

    VEP being a women organization, has been able to reach the BoP using the social Capital and affordable credit Approach. Some of the products require large upfront investment and the credit provided by VEP offers flexibility and affordability due to the low interest rate.The market for energy products at the BoP is very big as 80% of Kenyans do not have access to electricity. The identification and addressing of energy access barriers are key in increasing and sustaining access. Community outreach, social capital approach and availability of affordable credit at friendly terms has led to many success stories for VEP in the supply of renewable energy products.

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