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    Millions of people use Kerosene lamps when it’s dark to work or study.  Kerosene is not only dim but also expensive, polluting and dangerous for the health. Solar lighting on the other hand is by far brighter, cheaper, cleaner, and better for the health than kerosene lighting.

    In collaboration with Smart solar and Trony East Africa, we ensure solars packages reach our clients to enjoy the many benefits of using solar as compared to kerosene lamps.

    Our solar lighting is quick and easy to install without the complexities of mains power. It’s of High quality, reliable and durable.

    The powerpack solar packages ensures you have lighting for your whole house, and power for your phone and radio. The package iincludes a battery, solar panel, 4 lamps, cables, phone’s chargers, radio power.


    PowaPack-5W (3)

    There are many advantages of using solar energy to generate electricity:

    • Its Clean
    • Renewable
    • Non-polluting
    • Cheap.

    The poor lighting levels from kerosene lamps makes it difficult for children to study, affecting literacy and education, and minimizes the effective working hours for income generating activities.  The open flame, smoke and soot from kerosene lamps endanger lives by reducing indoor air quality and increasing the likelihood of fire.



    Has 4 lamps with bright light intensity all with extension cables, all lamps have individual switches for easier control. Also has a drycell battery with power percentage indicator and lighting time indicator, a solar panel and phone chargers and above all comes with a T.V connectable to VCD, DVD and USB.

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